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come back, israel had elections. we had interesting results. we'll have in los angeles for israel an interesting conversation from the guy who surprised everyone in the election. >> the cost of living is going up and up, and there is no equality with other parts of israel and society. it's becoming more and more frustrated. flag from 6 to 9 every morning. >> cenk: we're back on "the young turks." we recently had elections in israel, and ben netanyahu was expected to coast to a relatively easy victory. that is not how it turned out. here's what happened ned. >> a sitting prime minister with a second chance acknowledging that voters want to see change. his coalition had more than 40 seats combined before the vote. after the vote, 30-something. israelis showed their desire for change in a way that surprised the pollsters and pundits. they gave the second highest number of votes to a new party just formed last year. >> cenk: netanyahu's party is down to 31 seats because partly the new party that cnn was mentioning has picked up 19 seats. they were just in existence starting last year.
. for our first segment we turn to israel and the occupied territories where israeli forces have begun the year with a spate of killings of unarmed palestinian civilians. so far this month five unarmed civilians have been shot dead by israeli troops. the latest in a was a 21-year- old palestinian woman who was killed when israeli forces opened fire at a west bank school. the witness said she was standing with a group of companions when they came under fire. >> two israeli soldiers traveling in a white car pointed their weapons, shooting indiscriminately at a college where the women were standing at the entrance. there was another man inside. they shot repeople and a large number of soldiers arrived. >> on monday, the israeli human- rights group that some put out a report saying israeli forces had been extensively and systematically violating their own rules of engagement when suppressing protests in the west bank. according to jesselyn, since 2005, at least 48 palestinians have been killed by live ammunition fired at people throwing stones. six more were killed by rubber coated bullets
israel margaret warner reports on fears of islamic militants and chemical weapons just overr thee border. >> warner: with conflict raging inside syria, israel's taking no chances. it's now fortifying the security barrier behind me to guard against any dangers that may arise. >> ifill: and from mali, lindsay hilsum has a story of celebration as french and local forces push north to capture two key towns. >> reporter: look at these people. just thrilled because they can dance. they can sing. the women can ride motor bikes. they can do all the things they haven't been able to do for the last nine months while the jihadis have been in power. >> woodruff: we close with a new edition of the daily download. tonight, can your facebook postings get you fired? >> ifill: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by moving our economfor 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connec us. >> and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. >> and with the o
with the financial times, thanks so much for talking to us. >> ifill: next, to israel. president obama called prime minister benjamin netanyahu today to congratulate him on his victory in last week's parliamentary elections. the two leaders spoke about ensuring security in the region at a time of growing tensions. with their elections behind them, both men plan to address the civil war in syria, the threat posed by iran's nuclear program, and the stalemate between israelis and palestinians. and those are the subjects of three stories this week from margaret warner who is on a reporting trip to israel, the west bank and gaza. she begins tonight reporting on israeli concerns about the conflict in nearby syria. >> warner: the sweeping vistas of the golan heights plateau and the bucolic life of the israelis who live here bear quiet witness to the strategic importance of this area which israel captured from syria during the 1967 arab-israeli war. but after four decades of quiet along this border, israel, just like syria's arab neighbors, is increasingly worried about the unpredictable spillover from the
chasers have pinned their hopes for global annihilation in israel and iran. this issue was addressed >> quite sophisticated. it's not an issue of either way major war >> jon: i'm sorry. because of my family history i can only hear what he was saying as expressing disappointment in my career. i don't know what he really said. can anybody give us a translation of what he was talking about there, nonguilt laden >> most experts interpreted that as israel sort of backing away from a threat of launching a full-scale military attack. >> jon: israel standing down? is that a suggestion that they won't launch a pre-emptive strike against iran? is there anything i should know? >> israel could launch a pre-emptive strike to stop chemical weapons >> jon: so close. thankfully there's still not world war iii. it's a regional war. number 4,692. who is going to go for bat for a ruthless dictator like assad >> iran is sticking by syria this is the strongest warning we've heard yet that any attack on syria would be considered by iran as an attack on iran. >> jon: damn you, transitive property. all we h
begins. one of the groups that got involved early is the emergency committee for israel. it's run by the weekly standard's bill kristol and former presidential candidate gary bauer. the group has spent much of the last two years going after candidates it says are anti israel and running ads against hagel for more than a month. >> president obama for secretary of defense chuck hagel is not a responsible option. >> billionaire sheldon adelson has also been linked to anti-hagel efforts both through donations to the republican jewish coalition and reportedly through direct outreach to his republican critics in the senate. washington freebie con has also been accused of running anti hagel articles online. last friday's article described hagel as a "deeply embedded with a network of pro-iran foreign policy groups that have lobbied to lift economic sanctions and boost u.s. engagement with tehran." texas republican senator john cornyn offered a similar line of attack when he criticized the nomination on mon. >> i cannot support a nominee for defense secretary who thinks we should be tough
in an enrichment program nuclear programs from iran? there are two obvious choices, one is israel, one is the united states. >> you believe that the u.s. and/or israel may have been responsible for this? >> i think every piece of logic i have points to the fact that israel is the chief suspect right now, chiefly because last tuesday the day after the event i'm told important national security meetings in tehran, one involved the supreme leader, the head of the irgc and the head of quds force. and i'm told the supreme leader approved of retaliation against israel probably out of lebanon, the valley near israel is being evacuated in preparation of an action. tehran believes it was israel, i'll stay with that, larry. >> a year ago or less than a year ago, we had a power breakdown at this very same nuclear plant. do you think that was israel? >> that was mid-august 2012, yes, i do. that was on the surface. a month later, the iranians themselves admitted to that attempt to sabotage. it is the heart of the iranian suspect nuclear weapons program. it is the bargaining chip that iran brings to
iranian nuclear research facility, reports of an explosion. are they true? is israel behind seven times? former u.s. ambassador to the united nations to my john bolton, a pulitzer prize winner judith miller. join us with the answers. ♪ ♪ lou: deadly clashes across egypt after the opposition coalition rejected president morsi call for national dialogue. the white house today said the clashes demonstrate that egypt is now in a difficult path to democracy. joining as now, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton, a pulitzer prize-winning journalist judith miller, both fox news contributor. ambassador, start with you because you are, i think corresponding someone -- you seem to be amused by the president and the white house language. >> yes. a difficult path to democracy. this is a sure road to collapse in egypt. whenever trust there is broken down. a large part of it is the fact that the economy has tank and had the muslim brotherhood and morsi have done nothing to correct it, but if the anarchy continues i think the only answer is that the military is going to have to
. this secret underground iranian nuclear research facility, reports of an explosion. are they true? is israel behind seven times? former u.s. ambassador to the united nations to my john bolton, a pulitzer prize winner judith miller. join us with the answers. ♪ there are patients who will question, why does my mouth feel dryer than i remember it to be? there are more people taking more medication, so we see people suffering from dry mouth more so. we may see more cavities, bad breath, oral irritation. a dry mouth sufferer doesn't have to suffer. i would recommend biotene. the enzymes in biotene products help supplement enzymes that are naturally in saliva. biotene helps moisten those areas that have become dry. those that are suffering can certainly benefit from biotene. ♪ lou: deadly clashes across egypt after the opposition coalition rejected president morsi call for national dialogue. the white house today said the clashes demonstrate that egypt is now in a difficult path to democracy. joining as now, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton, a pulitzer prize-winning jou
it comes to the middle east is israel, when it comes the dealing with iran, with israel, with the broader region. hillary clinton holds the record for the most countries visited at 112. israel, the least visits from any secretary of state since rogers. henry kissinger, 36 times for israel. is this significant? >> well, i mean, she was very energetic. i don't know if she gets frequent flyer miles for all of the miles she logged. that is her job as chief diplomat. >> sadly probably the one perk she does not get. >> right, but the fact is our relationship with israel hasn't been the best. so i don't know if you can directly equate that. anne marie served in the administration. but under the obama administration, relations with israel have been very tough. they may have reached a bottom and mare they're on an uprise, but once again, i think this comes down to president obama's policy. remember, she's the secretary of state. she implements the president's agenda, and i think a lot of the problems out there, i think, were president obama's vision. i think i may be wrong here, but i think secret
on your nbc station. >>> in israel, birds of a feather really do flock together. thousands of starlings in the sky create quite a phenomenon for onlookers on the ground. it looks really cool. doesn't look real. the birds fly in tight uniform formation while hunting to follow their food and avoid predators. >> you know the movie "the mummy" -- >> yeah, exactly, like end of the world sort of stuff. they're looking for predators and finding strength in numbers, clearly. while the flocks are common in israel, starlings in these numbers have not been seen in over 20 years. >>> some may seem out of reach but some can't wait to grab a paddle. nearly 200 kayakers came together to race their boats down snowy slopes. competitors maneuvered their kayaks around twists and turns of a specially made course. some jumps as well. some slid off the track on their way down. if they didn't land in fresh powder they raced across a watery finish line. >>> don't forget the warm-up. around 5,000 competitors laced up for one of the world's most challenging races. the tough guy race dares participants to tackle
spoke last night to christians united for israel in washington, d.c. and said hagel is absolutely the wrong man for this job. >> i cannot support someone who thinks we should be tougher on israel and more lenient on iran. we need a defense secretary who understands and fully appreciates the danger of a nuclear iran and the importance of a strong u.s./israel alliance. >> joining me now is democratic senator, barbara boxer of california. senator, it's good to have you here. and as we had the breaking news, the video just coming in moments ago of john kerry, getting the voice vote of confirmation for being the next secretary of state, the full senate voice expected this afternoon. but you were in that room, but it's going to be a lot different when it comes to chuck hagel's confirmation. completely different, especially given the rhetoric that you're already hearing this weekend. senator menendez and john mccain may decline to go on record of how you're going to vote. you're going to come out saying you did have reservations, but now you support him. what's your reaction on your resp
sel anti-woman, anti-choice, anti-israel, anti-gay, and pro-assault weapon. that's just not what we voted for in november. chuck hagel doesn't share our values. there are other people who can do the job. why do we need someone like this? we don't. urge your senator to vote no on hagel. >> so why the anti-hagel backers in the group use your mandate so shy in a source close to the group told "huffington post," quote, those involved are choosing to stay anonymous because they're allies with the obama administration and hesitant to criticize the president publicly for fear of retribution or pressure from the white house. the source characterized members as a concerned group of people who have some questions about chuck hagel, including individuals who have fought for lgbt rights for a long time. oh, really? that just doesn't sound right to a lot of people, including many reporters and our own rachel maddow. let's listen to rachel. >> probably they're asserting there's some kind of broad democrat opposition to chuck hagel. we're just not allowed to know who it is. i'm not buying it. i ca
to abdicate the throne, but perhaps not the queen you're thinking of. >>> reports out of israel say ariel sharon is exhibiting signs of significant brain activity. the news came as a surprise, as sharon has been in what's been described as a persistent vegetative state since suffering a stroke back in '06. his doctors say he now responds to family photos, his son's voice, among other things. former israeli leader is 84 years old. >>> trouble on the mississippi river tonight. after two tanker barges struck a bridge near vicksburg this weekend. one of the barges carrying 80,000 gallons of crude oil, and it's leaking. a sheen has been spotted three miles down river. as the clean-up progresses, river traffic is closed. 400 different barges are awaiting passage. >>> a bizarre scene in australia, where severe weather along the coastline has left some towns under four feet of sea foam. it was caused by huge offshore waves and high winds injecting air into the water. for the local kids, or for that matter, any vehicles trying to get through, it's like living with shaving cream. there is a serious
de 100 tifbs estadounidenses e israel, su cerebro reaccionó a las imágenes, de familiares, esto por una prueba que se sometió. y desde enero del 2006 cuando sufrió un derrame cerebral se ha mantenido en estado vegetativo conectado a un respirador. >>> bueno que hacia lebrón james y todo el equipo del heat de miami en la casa blanca. les contaré en instantes, antes sus comentarios en facebook y twiter.
arreola, luis alay, israel silva y edwin willatoro, en san miguel petapa, la universidad de san carlos de visita derroto 2-1 a petapa con goles de carlos kamiani, sandro zamboni y fernando gallo, y cerro la jornada en mictlan goleando 3-0 a halcones la mesilla, dos anotaciones de carlos asprilla y anibal pacheco le di la victoria a los conejos, el partido entre municipal y comunicaciones se jugara en seguimos en centro america y nos vamos ahonduras con una jornada muy disputada. el campeon olimpia sigue su paso firme en la presente temporada, ayer de local supero 2-1 al atletico choloma con anotaciones de ramiro bruschi a los 8 minutos, alexander lopez aumento a los 57 y de penal osman hernandez desco a los 69 minutos el triunfo del olimpia 2-1. real espaÑana no pudo de local termino empatando 1-1 con pletense, victoria saco provecho de su localia pra derrotar al marathon 2-0. quien sigue por la calle de la amargura es motagua que de visita perdio 3-2 ante savio, con goles de aly arriola, jocimar nascimiento, alfredo mejia, romario y algel pineda, no encuentra la ruta del triunfo el azul
muslim brotherhood president mohammed morsi who let's not forget called our allies in 2010 in israel, descendents of apes and pigs. this is the same that allowed them to flourish in middle east and africa. and joining knee senator james inhoff, good to see you. so i'm trying to understand this. here a guy, a former terrorist said this about the israelis in 2010 is now getting gifts of f-16's on our best tanks? help me out, senator, it seems really dumb. >> sean, those guys in the state department and i think in the administration, somehow they think that mubarak is still there. we had a pretty good relationship and in the middle east, and you know how long that was, sean, that was 30 years, 1981 on up to when morsi took over. now, he's been a stabilizing force there, but all of a sudden as we point out you had the muslim brotherhood there, but i hate to say it, just in the last weekend, in the last three days, he's completely lost control there of the in at th tahrir square and i can't keep track of how many people are dead. ever since he came along and sentenced 21 people after the
for israel to talk about their elections. what does it mean for israel and perhaps iran. and then couple of other conversations that are interesting. the person running in jesse jackson's district a republican who happens to be african american, and we'll talk to him about the gun violence in chicago as well as other topics. and someone who is an undocumented immigrant but is a lawyer here or wants to be a lawyer here and has passed the bar here in california. how immigration will affect him. >> jennifer: okay cenk i couldn't hear anything you said because i was looking at your haircut. does you have the george clooney thing going on? >> oh yeah this has george clooney written all over it. [ laughter ] >> jennifer: all right. now the best of the rest. the violence against women act comes up for vote in the senate next week. it's expected to pass with brood bipartisan support. but the question is does it have a chance of making it through the house? last year the act expired for the first time since its inception, and that's because house leaders would agree to many
for israel. i want -- if they can put a monkey fif miles into space, they can get to israel. another distance. >> and someone said that the monkey parachuted safely with the last page of the rocket. but it is relevant. if you get something living in space, the atmosphere's fine, they can breathe, how long before they get a man in flight -- if that's true? >> if it's even their goal. obviously, we all believe and know why they are developing this technology, it's a warhead payload. so i don't know that their goal is a manned program. but if they can put a monkey in space, i suppose a man is just behind. >> here's a dumb question. it says if -- don't we know? don't we have -- drones and satellites and spy satellites on them? >> yeah, dwrea. we have a lot of telemetry on this, whether or not that made it to 75 miles. the only thing we have is the iranians saying this is what they did and they have a monkey. >> tell me about your technology. >> it's a new technology we have developed to consolidate the irnet. we allow to you f any portion of any web site and consolidate that onto a home page call
, and the deal was you have peace with israel, we'll give you economic and military assistance. that kept the peace for 40 years. i talked about that yesterday, and he said it worked. now, what's threatening to upset the apple cart? the new muslim brotherhood leadership is reconsidering the peace agreement with israel and making friends with iran and other countries in the region. what if that is getting upset? in addition to that, there's also terrorist groups, which are not morsi. he's muslim brotherhood, but in addition, there's terrorist groups setting up shop in what should be a demilitarized zone. melissa: something to watch again. thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. melissa: time now for today's fuel gauge. oil futures hitting 19-week highs, strong u.s. housing data. fuels speculation that demand for crude would rise settling up more than 1% at 97.57 a barrel. bp's guilty plea accepted over the gulf oil spill paying $4 billion to settle criminal penalties and manslaughter charges for its role in the disaster. an oil barge crash on the mississippi river causing gridlock f
to the crisis in syria and the nuclear standoff between israel and iran, there are new protests in egypt where nearly 60 people have died and in mali the u.s. has been assisting french and african forces to push back al qaeda linked militants in the northern half of the country. for now officials say they envision flying only unarmed surveillance drones from the base, though they have not ruled out conducting missile strikes at some point if the threat worsens. joining now from cairo is nbc news foreign correspondent amman mojadine. >> we talk about the obama doctrine and the difficulties in articulating a broad set of foreign policy goals. that is infinitely compounded given the state of play and also changing leadership in the middle east. give us the latest from egypt where things are certainly in a state of turmoil. what's your read on how this affects president morsi's grip on power. >> you know, when the news came out, it is importantly linked to the united states because the defense secretary here, or the minister of defense, the head of the armed forces, came out with this statement sa
thinks we should be tougher on israel and more lenient all around. we need a defense secretary who understands and fully appreciates the danger of a nuclear iran and the importance of the strong u.s.-israel alliance. >> do you think chuck hagel doesn't understand the danger of a nuclear iran? >> well, i think it's much more complicated than that. i think there are legitimate reasons, and i think folks like senator cornyn have good reason to have questions about senator hagel's viewpoint when it comes to looking at the -- at the american foreign policy. >> does the president deserve to have the -- >> i firmly believe when you get to choose the cabinet that you want and there, of course, is the advice and consent of the senate, and that's an important part of the process. i think that's why these hearings are going to be quite illuminating. i think you will see some changes from senator hagel based on some of the past statements that he has made. he has had some policy prescriptions that haven't worked out right, and i think many of these senators are going to explore those, and as p
allies in israel decen decent -- descendenting of apes and bigs. this is the state department that allowed radical extremists to flourish. join me now with reaction, welcome back to the program g to see you nice to be with you. >> so, i'm trying to understand this. here a former trift says this about the israelies in 2010 is now getting gifts of f 16s and our best tanks? help me out here, seems dumb you know, those guys in the state department i think in administration somehow think that mubarak is still there. we've had a good relationship and he's at peace in the middle east. you know how long that was? 30 years. 1981 up to to when moresy took over. how, you have muslim brotherhood there. i hate to say it. just in the last weekend, in three days he's lost control there. in that area. i can't keep track of how many people are dead since he sentenced 21 people after the soccer match to death then rioting started all over again. this never really stopped. and so, here they have a total loss of control of their own country. and we're giving this guy 20, 20 already went out. the
ally in the region. with its long-standing peace treaty with israel, egypt helps america with stability in a dangerous region and in the fight against terror. now, with these scenes, the head of the army is warning america's friend is on the verge of collapse. they tell us their new president mohamed morsi is acting like a dictator, like the one every day egyptians overthrew, just two years ago. these are carpenters, tour guides and teachers and they believe if they don't rise up, their country will be turned into an islamic state. we are bracing for another violent night. many of the people we've spoken to here on the street say they won't let up until they get the freedoms and democracy they fought so hard for. diane? >> thank you so much, lama. >>> now, we head over to china tonight, where you can see it once again, that smog, back. and, again, still beyond the ability to measure exactly how much hazardous material is in what the cry neez are breathing. and there was another staggering sight, infrastructure collapsed. watch. a whole complex of homes swallowed by a massive sink hole,
the smoke and poisonous gases pose no immediate threat but they warn locals carry protective masks. israel. giant flocks of migratory birds flying in striking formations across the southern skies. experts say the animals synchronized their movements to help find food and protect against predatory hawks. united kingdom. the annual tough guy race in western england, competitors reportedly break bones on the 10-mile obstacle course which features mud, icy water and barb wire. a german doctor won for the third year in a row. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. some stunning news on unsolved crimes in recent memory. the murder of jonbenet ramsey. there was never an indictment in her case or that's what we thought. today we learned a grand jury did, in fact, indict jonbenet ramsey's parents. so why didn't prosecutors act? plus, it seems the iconic television personality barbara walters is under the weather. reportedly with a disease that effects -- that usually effects kids. and can be especially dangerous to adults. barbara walters next. >> shepard: an american pa
. you've got iran. you've got israel. all of these things are unresolved. some of the policies that you'll know more about how the policies work in the next four years, but it may take a decade to find out what kind of a job they have really done. >> and is there any doubt that she'll run in 2016? >> i think there is a doubt. if she's healthy, i think she'll run. if she's feeling good and she continues to age well, i think she'll run. but, you know, that's sort of the unknown. she's 65. and i think it just depends on how she feels and whether she thinks she has the energy. not just to be president for four years but to go through the campaign that she would have to go through to maybe not get the nomination, maybe get the nomination, but to get elected. those six years that you spend running and then governing, it takes a lot out of even somebody as young as president obama. >> and if you need any reminding of how tough the job is, look no further than barack obama, all the times you have interviewed him from start to finish, his hair has turned white. people are blaming you. >> i don't
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